Funding Goal - $2,500 

No Child Sleeps on the Floor.  Barnabas Network has been gifted mattresses that must be sanitized before they can be given to families transitioning from homelessness.  For $47, Barnabas network can have a mattress set sanitized and ready for a new home.


Opportunity to Serve

Donate your household items such as sheets, dinnerware, or furniture.  Call Barnabas Network and they can pick it up from you.

Furniture Matters, Donate Yours.  336-370-4002



Immigration & Refugee Program

Fundraising Goal - $1,100

The cost to outfit an apartment is $100.  Our goal is to assist with the set-up of 11 apartments.

Opportunity to Serve

Welcome a refugee.  Partner with CWS by serving as an advocate to refugees as they establish new lives in our community. or 336-617-0381




Fundraising Goal - $1,500

Kids Path was founded in Greensboro, North Carolina by Hospice and Palliative Care of Greensboro as a model of care for seriously ill and grieving children.  Kids Path addresses the unique needs of seriously ill children from birth to age 18 and offers assistance to family members and significant other who are providing care.  The primary goal of care is to assist the child to live as normally as possible.

Opportunity to Serve

Volunteering is not only a good thing to's good for you!  Studies show that people who volunteer their are healthier and happier.  It is a well documented fact and is know as "helper's high".

Contact Brenda Harris, 336-621-2500




REALTORS® Service Committee


Professional Clothing Drive

Opportunity to Serve

Donate your gently used professional clothing benefiting graduates of the Job Readiness Program sponsored by Goodwill.

Under the Bridge

November 26, 2016

Opportunity to Serve

Feed the homeless.  Help provide food or volunteer.

Holiday for the Homeless

Funding Goal - $3,000

Fill bags with warm clothing and goodies for the individuals spending Christmas Eve at Greensboro Urban Ministry.

Opportunity to Serve

Join RCSC on distribution day to fill the bags and deliver them to Greensboro Urban Ministry.